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Cape Verde Travel Ideas and Advice

The islands of Cape Verde can be found in the West African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. These splendid volcanic islands are exceptionally beautiful...

The islands of Cape Verde can be found in the West African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. These splendid volcanic islands are exceptionally beautiful and the local ways and traditions of the peninsula are just about the perfect blend of, African, Caribbean, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures. With an invigorating Caribbean-like ambiance, this one of a kind getaway showcases scenic beaches, exhilarating activities, remarkable towns, and a spectacular panorama.

Here you will read some helpful ideas and advice which you may find useful in your Cape Verde travel experience.

Even though English is spoken and practiced in nearly all hotels, a Portuguese phrase book or language translation dictionary is still very essential. Be sure to familiarize yourself in either of the two social capitals Praia and Mindelo before heading out to the island for a holiday. Know and plan your trip to ensure a trouble-free holiday.

Cape Verde only has occasional rains. The rainy season is from August to October but heavy downpours are almost close to none and the rain stops almost right after it starts. The average temperature of the island whole year round is about 26°C which is pretty toasty especially on during the months of August and September which is great for those who love the beach. But if you are up for wind and kite surfing adventures, the best time for your Cape Verde travel is on the months of December to March since these seasons have stronger winds.

Flying with Cape Verde’s local airline TACV is by far the easiest way to travel across the islands. However, overbooking, delays and setbacks are common on the local flights, it is highly suggested that you book your Cape Verde travel ahead of time to avoid complications. Nevertheless, ferry boats can also be an alternative if you are looking for a cheaper way to take a trip around the islands.

If you are planning to hang around the beautiful beaches in Sal during your Cape Verde travel, try to visit and experience floating on dense briny waters Pedra de Lume collapsed Volcano Lake, but try to set it aside for your last destination, for you’ll be flying out from there. Cape Verde’s mountainous islands also must not be missed. Visit the astounding mountains of Santiago and Santo Antão before tackling Fogo’s breathtaking volcano. If you have booked your Cape Verde travel on a February, you can experience the Carnival, their most famous pre-lent festival. The streets are covered with carousers in extravagant costumes which sets an electrifying ambience. And if you’re looking forward to invigorate your tastes, try out the national dish, cachupa, in one of the many restaurants in Mindelo.

Resort hotels are the custom on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. Hotels in the peninsula have accommodations built and established to serve travelers and tourists who are on a budget. In other places, simple mid-range doubles are easy to find but hostels in those areas are rather few. Prices in Cape Verde are also significantly higher compared to the other areas of West Africa.


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