Holidays in Cape Verde have arrived. You're about to be let in on one hush-hush secret. Imagine unspoilt castaway islands. With bone-white beaches that you can bag all to yourself. And a unique blend of African, Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. No wonder holidays to Cape Verde are the hottest buzzword in travel right now.

Marooned off the west coast of Africa, they sit serenely and modestly – almost as if they're hoping to shirk the limelight. And if you've not heard of these glittering gems yet, it's because this isn't a mass tourism destination. So you'll be delighted to know this barefoot paradise comes without a whopping great price tag.Inexpensive holidays to Cape Verde mean you can afford a far-flung summer holiday this year. Just keep it under your sunhat, eh.

Made up of ten exotic isles floating in the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean, if you're seeking the untouched Caribbean or Canaries of yesteryear – holidays in Cape Verde do exactly what they say on the tin. Each island is dramatically different – from non-stop chalk-white beaches and tropical greenery to desert-like landscapes with soaring volcanoes.

We'll whisk you away to Sal – a lunar-like island where the charismatic resort of Santa Maria will weave its magic on you, or to Boa vista where deserted dunes lead the way inland to the cobbled streets of Sal Rei. Whether you want to hit the bleached-white beach, browse the brightly painted Portuguese-style streets or tuck into some pretty exotic cuisine, these islands are very out of the ordinary, oh-so secluded and at the cutting-edge of chic getaways.

So whether you're looking for a last minute getaway or want to book that dream all inclusive holiday, Cape Verde is wild, wondrous and waiting to whip your breath away.


Cape Verde Travel Ideas and Advice

The islands of Cape Verde can be found in the West African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. These splendid volcanic islands are exceptionally beautiful and the local ways and traditions of the peninsula are just about the perfect blend of, African, Caribbean, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures. With an invigorating Caribbean-like ambiance, this one of a kind getaway showcases scenic beaches, exhilarating activities, remarkable towns, and a spectacular panorama.

Here you will read some helpful ideas and advice which you may find useful in your Cape Verde travel experience.

Even though English is spoken and practiced in nearly all hotels, a Portuguese phrase book or language translation dictionary is still very essential. Be sure to familiarize yourself in either of the two social capitals Praia and Mindelo before heading out to the island for a holiday. Know and plan your trip to ensure a trouble-free holiday.

Cape Verde only has occasional rains. The rainy season is from August to October but heavy downpours are almost close to none and the rain stops almost right after it starts. The average temperature of the island whole year round is about 26°C which is pretty toasty especially on during the months of August and September which is great for those who love the beach. But if you are up for wind and kite surfing adventures, the best time for your Cape Verde travel is on the months of December to March since these seasons have stronger winds.

Flying with Cape Verde’s local airline TACV is by far the easiest way to travel across the islands. However, overbooking, delays and setbacks are common on the local flights, it is highly suggested that you book your Cape Verde travel ahead of time to avoid complications. Nevertheless, ferry boats can also be an alternative if you are looking for a cheaper way to take a trip around the islands.

If you are planning to hang around the beautiful beaches in Sal during your Cape Verde travel, try to visit and experience floating on dense briny waters Pedra de Lume collapsed Volcano Lake, but try to set it aside for your last destination, for you’ll be flying out from there. Cape Verde’s mountainous islands also must not be missed. Visit the astounding mountains of Santiago and Santo Antão before tackling Fogo’s breathtaking volcano. If you have booked your Cape Verde travel on a February, you can experience the Carnival, their most famous pre-lent festival. The streets are covered with carousers in extravagant costumes which sets an electrifying ambience. And if you’re looking forward to invigorate your tastes, try out the national dish, cachupa, in one of the many restaurants in Mindelo.

Resort hotels are the custom on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. Hotels in the peninsula have accommodations built and established to serve travelers and tourists who are on a budget. In other places, simple mid-range doubles are easy to find but hostels in those areas are rather few. Prices in Cape Verde are also significantly higher compared to the other areas of West Africa.

Things to Do on Holiday in Cape Verde

With splendid beaches and a wonderful climate all year round, the sun-kissed Cape Verde islands offers fine, almost snow-like sand, distinctive metropolitan streets and soulful music. As the little piece of Portugal drifting off the west coast of Africa remains untouched, there are a lot of fun things to do on the islands to complete your Cape Verde holidays. Whether you’re up for a volcano hiking adventure, cultural experience, turtle and whale spotting, or you just simply want to unwind, you can get them all in your Cape Verde holiday. Here are a few ideas on what to do on the islands.

If you are up for a romantic time; hike Mt Fogo- Cape Verde’s active volcano and highest summit for a dramatic and romantic date that will leave you mesmerized with Fogo’s breathtaking views. But if you are not a fan of hiking, you can set sail on an island cruise. Sign up with a tour and you’ll sail alongside the island’s coastline at an unhurried pace. Most cruisers stop at untouched beaches and at the islands’ well known splendor areas that will complement as a beautiful backdrop for your romantic escapade.

Kids and teenagers alike will revel in spending time spotting loggerhead turtles and humpback whales on Boa Vista and Sal. Book a tour to take a sight of these wonderful and endangered creatures during your Cape Verde holidays. You could also sign them up with fishing tutorials that would teach them the basics before sailing off with practiced fishermen to have them experience what it is like to go fishing in the sea.

Spend an evening in Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde and try out the national dish Cachupa, a slow-cooked stew with corn, beans, vegetables and fish while listening to traditional soulful music to top of your Cape Verde holidays.

Restaurants, beach taverns and discos can be found in Santa Maria where the island hosts to an array of nightlife parties and events. From beachside settings with a laid-back vibe and marvelous spectacles, sports bars with satellite TV, cocktail and poker lounges to contemporary nightclubs where you can party all night long.

If you are on an active lifestyle, you better try water sports on Santa Monica beach. If you are interested in kite-surfing or windsurfing, you’ll get training lessons at some hotels on the beach. They manage diving courses too, wherein you will be able to explore a lot of ruins and reefs off the coast. There, you’ll also get a glimpse of everything from dolphins and whales to octopus and colorful fishes. Big-game fishing is also a popular attraction in Cape Verde holidays.

The African market in the town square of Sal Rei will offer tourists and guests a wide array of souvenirs, like rugs, wood carvings and local artwork to remember of the experience in a Cape Verde holiday.

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A Cape Verde Holiday

cape verde holiday

Cape Verde is a very interesting place. It is only recently though that it has been tourism-friendly. Over a year ago, anybody who wanted to take package holidays to Cape Verde would find it difficult to imagine a unique landscape and diversity. The Cape Verde islands have only recently emerged as a holiday destination for the British.

The archipelago of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands, offers a warm, dry, pleasantly cooled weather by the breeze of the winds. Cape Verde is surrounded by clear, blue and green water described as “the most vital sea in the world”. In its seabed, the tourist may find various kinds of fish like blue and white marlin, shark, yellow-fin tuna, groupers, sailfish, spearfish, morays and goldfish. People can also enjoy the beaches, a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing.

Cape Verde is small, with only a population of 500,000. The local people are called “creoles”, meaning mixtures of Europeans and Africans who have lived there for centuries now. Interestingly, the men have more European genetic mixture and the women have more of West African ancestry.

So what makes package holidays to Cape Verde so appealing? Let’s begin with the climate. Since it’s just sitting on the coast of Senegal means it gets sunshine all year round, even in the cooler months of winter. It sits on the same latitude as the Caribbean, making the climate and waters surrounding the islands much warmer than their popular neighbors, the Canary Islands. Each island differs in terms of terrain and climate. The warmest and driest tend to be in the north of the group of islands. Sal, Boa Vista and Sao Vicente have the most hours of sunshine. Incidentally, Sal,which boasts 350 days of sunshine a year, has the most developed infrastructure in terms of tourism, with Boa Vista a close second.

A great added bonus is that you don’t have to travel the long way. Package holidays to Cape Verde are available from the United Kingdom with flying times around 6 hours. Cape Verde is only 1 hour behind the UK so there is no jet lag to worry about. There are also excursions to nearby islands if you fancy a wander.

Cape Verde Wedding Venue

The number of couples wanting to get away from the cold weather in the UK and have their wedding somewhere where it’s bright and sunny, they travel to Cape Verde because the UK offers direct flights to this sunny island off the coast of Senegal. The search is over for locations which offer unspoiled beaches, hours and hours of never ending sunshine and a wedding jam-packed with memories which will last a lifetime. Travel to Cape Verde, where the pace of life is as laid-back and relaxed as the sun loungers on the beach where everyone is stress free and basking in the white sand beaches and eternal sun. The weather in Cape Verde, and its pure white beaches and crystal-blue seas, mean this big undiscovered destination is a huge hit with European visitors searching for the sun. A Wedding in Cape Verde could be the best option for you.

A former Portuguese colony, just 500 Km off the West Coast of Africa, the islands of Cape Verde are around five and a half hours’ travel time from the UK which is much more closer than the Caribbean and very much cheaper in terms of air fares and those rising fuel surcharges. There are weekly flights to Cape Verde from most of the UK’s major airports, wedding packages can be arranged to suit Cape Verde Weddings, the island’s top wedding organizers.

Cape Verde travel wedding planners will take care of everything you need for your special day, from translation of documents to hairdressing and photography, as well as the service of wedding itself. Couples can choose whether to have a civil ceremony on the beach or if they would want just a religious ceremony in a church, accommodation in their choice of hotels or apartments, complete with complimentary wedding breakfast and all the extras at a price to suit their budget.
Choose Cape Verde and travel there to plan a new venue for your special day. Spend it in the tropical weather.

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Tortuga Beach Resort Cape Verde


Located in the south of the island of Sal, only 15 minutes from the Amilcar Cabral international airport and 5 minutes from the traditional main town of Santa María. The Five star all inclusive resort Meliá Tortuga Beach is the perfect vacation location for a combination of relaxation and leisure.

The resort provides a sandy beach opposite a coral reef with rich marine life (access to the sea is provided by a 50 m floating pier). There are also stunning views of the ocean and Monte Leão which provide the island’s most famous sunsets. The island of Sal offers wonderful fine sand beaches which extend for several kilometers, a relaxing way of life and unbeatable natural beauty.

Cabo Verde is home to one of most important nesting grounds for marine turtles in the world, and between the months of June and October turtle watching is one of the island’s biggest tourist attractions.

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