Cape Verde is incredibly varied, without the crowds, and with an abundance of fish life, shipwrecks, cave systems and  turtles. Experienced divers love the diving here.


The island of Sal offers unique, tropical underwater scenery, unlike anything found on the West Africa coast or the Canary Islands, and more comparable to that of the Caribbean. The seas in deep waters are rich with Tuna, Marlin,Sharks, Dolphins.


You will meet shoals of bream, triggerfish, rockfish and perch and then there is the unusual underwater reef. Not to mention the occasional Manta Ray that might be hiding amongst the rock formations, caves, canyons and walls. During March and April Humpback, and Grey Whales migrate past the islands Cape Verde offers great diving all year long.

Scuba diving GoPro HD in Cape Verde

To my subscribers : obviously this video is not about airsoft, but scuba diving, which is one of my other hobby (because yes, unlike popular belief, my whole life does not turn around airsoft only). I’m a CMAS ** diver (plongeur niveau II in french).

Therefore you may not be interested in this video, which is indeed very long and, I have to say, pretty boring. I guess. I like the video, it makes a nice souvenir to me, but I guess it’s a bit slow and long ^^

I’ve been diving in Cape Verde during the first half of september. Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa (thank you Wikipedia). On this particular dive, I was in Santa Maria, the major city of Sal, the island in the north east of Cape Verde.

There is 2 points for this video :

– To show a nice wreck dive in a nice dive spot in Cape Verde.

– To show the performances of an “out of the box” HD GoPro camera under water. I’m using nothing but the camera, the waterproof case and the head bang. I have not buy any other accessorie. The camera is placed on my front head, just on the top of my diving mask (you can see me putting off my mask at the end of the video).

As you can see the image is very blue, and a bit blurred. But honestly I’m very surprised, I think the image is really not that bad. The maximum depth of the diving was 38 meters.

I’m using the R4 mode in this video, which provides the largest and widest view. Which explains the black bars on the left and on the right of the video.

The Blue Eye cave – Buracona – Cape Vert – Africa

Diving Cabo Verde

Diving in Tarrafal, Island of Santiago, Cape Verde, with Divecenter Santiago (www.divecenter-santiago.de). Video by João Sá Pinto/Portugal