Kite Surfing in Cape Verde

The Island of Sal in the Cape Verde islands (just of the coast of North West Africa) is one of the most reliable kitesurf holiday destinations for the winter season from November to April. There really are not that many ‘short haul’ destination during this period to the Cape Verde islands should be considered as a good choice if you do not want to fly more that 5 to 6 hours for a weeks holiday.

The kitesurfing on Sal offers a good variety of conditions for all levels from beginners through to Wave sailing. Our honest opinion is that for learning to kitesurf in Sal is not the really perfect place but we offer a very high level of instruction to compensate for the slightly more demanding condition.

The Island of Sal there are really 3 main Kitesurf zones; Santa Maria beach, Kite Beach and Ponte preta:
The kitesurfing on the very large bay area of Santa Maria beach offer a great ‘fall out of your bed onto the water’ spot as this is where most of the better hotels are based. This area is where the Kitesurf Lessons are held as there is plenty of beach space for training. Further around the bay there is some easy waves for the novice wave sailor.
The main Kitesurf area on Sal is Kite Beach, around 20 minute taxi ride away to the South East coastal area. The wind here is very clean with a good side on shore direction. There is a good area of reasonably ‘flatish’ water for improvers as well as for trying some freestyle tricks. Although there are few facilities here there are always lots of other kiters around to help out and chat with.

The most famous wave spot on Sal is at Ponta Preta; a must visit spot if only even to watch this impressive 3 to 6 meter wave peeling just 50 meters from the shore line. This is only for advance kiters as there is cross off shore wind (prefect wave sailing direction) with no safety cover.

Kiting Cap Verden SAL 2010

Kite surfing in Sal , Cabo Verde

Kitesurfing Cape Verde with GoPro HD