Cape Verde Festivals


Cape Verde Music Festivals

Festivals in São Vicente

São Vicente celebrates two lavish festivals every year, during the August full moon, a beach and music festival attracting musicians and visitors from all over the archipelago and in mid-February, the exotic carnival with Brazilian influences.

The most popular feast in São Vicente is the São Vicente Creole Carnival. Held every February 16th, it us inspired by Brazilian carnivals with the influence of Portuguese history. The largest of the celebrations can be found in the town of having street parades that are very popular amongst the Cape Verdeans and tourists.

During the August full moon is the São Vicente Baia das Gatas Festival; this usually takes place on a long weekend — a real party.

Boa Vista Festivals

Among a few festivals celebrated in Boa Vista is the common music festival that takes place in Santa Cruz in August and The day of Santa Isabel, the island’s patron saint, which happens in July 4th. It is celebrated with a public ball, processions, swimming and horse racing.

Sal Festivals

A few festivals celebrated on Sal includes the Nossa Sra. De Piedade (Our Lady of Pity) on August 15th with a Holy Mass, processions, swimming contests and music festival on beach with local musicians.

Another music festival is the Santa Maria Festival (Municipality Day) during September 15th.

Festivals in Santiago

There are also a few festivals that take place on Santiago. One is the Gamboa Festival in May, held in the bay of San Fransisco. Having many different musicians from other countries it is perhaps the biggest music festival in Cape Verde.

Another takes place in Assomada, a celebration of the liberation of slaves called the Tabanka in June or July.


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