Cape Verde

The beautiful Cape Verde is a recently discovered archipelago of 10 islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean and approximately 570 km off Western Africa’s coast. Each of the 10 islands of Cape Verde boasts luscious sandy beaches, stunning scenery which can give you ultimate relaxation and offers an out of the world experience. Recently discovered, it is considered a Paradise on Earth. From mountains to deserts to oceans, Cape Verde has it all. That is why Cape Verde’s island archipelago is the newest holiday destination for travelers from all over the world. The diversity in its scenic beauty that comprises of white beaches, turquoise oceans, wild volcanoes and Riberia Grande makes it an ultimate holiday destination. Cape Verde’s rich blend of holiday experience makes it an ideal holiday destination for all.

Scuba Diving and Water enthusiasts will appreciate the range of diving excursions that can be found on Cape Verde. Sal Island alone has 25 dive sites from which to choose. You can choose from reef diving, wreck diving and cave diving. You also have Pedra Lume Salt Crater which is a unique attraction and is a must for travelers to Cape Verde. The Pedra Lume Salt Crater is where visitors can swim inside an old volcanic crater. The trails of the islands of Cape Verde are scenic and can range from simple nature walks to treks that are quite vigorous. Visitors can choose to have a guide or hike alone and it should depend on one’s skill and fitness level as well as the hike chosen. Scenery includes rugged peaks, deep canyons, views into volcano craters and spectacular views of the ocean. Many of the hikes can be done on paths and roads. And of course, who can visit an island and not try the beaches? Cape Verde beaches are everything a beach should be. Clear waters the color of turquoise, long golden or white beaches and water activities like kite surfing and wind surfing.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you like to spend your holidays calmly on the beaches under the sun, Cape Verde will not disappoint you. For all those who like to spend their holidays close to nature Cape Verde offers them walking holidays on the more lush mountainous Islands with the stunning views and scenery. Horse riding, tennis and bird watching are some of the other activities that you can enjoy on this little beach paradise on earth. Sol Melia Resort Holidays in Sal is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches. You can spend your holiday in luxury while in Cape Verde.

San Antao

The surface area of the island of San Antao is 779m2, which makes San Antao the second largest island in the Cape Verdian archipelago. San Antao was discovered by the Portuguese in 1462, but was not inhabited until 1548. The impressive mountains and cliffs make San Antao a heaven for exploration and trekking enthusiasts.

The Island is an hours ferry journey from Mindelo you will find the scenic and untouched island of Santo Antao. Then comes the unmissable drive over Santo Antao’s rugged terrain to Ribeira Grande. The road is incomparable to anything that you may have seen before; it is built from volcanic rock and streacthes over 25 km. The road twists and turns towards cliff edges, volcanic craters and lust georges. The road takes you to such great heights that you actually feel a temperature change during the ascent.

Ribeira Grande is a quiet, peaceful town with rustic colonial houses, close by is the quaint town of Ponta do Sol. Pnnta do sol is a beautiful town with stunning buildings, beautiful church, restaurants and thriving nightlife. The scenery of Santo Antao is perhaps the most spectacular of all of the Cape Verde Islands. There is a breathtaking mountain range with altitudes that exceed 1500 meters. Very few flights are available to the island so most of the islands visitors tend to travel by ferry from Mindelo, Sao Vicente. Located close to Janela is a large rock that tends to attract those with an interest in history. There are inscriptions of the rock that date back to the 1400’s and question whether or not the Portuguese were actually the first to discover the Cape Verde islands. Make sure that you don’t leave the Cape Verde islands without tasting Grogue. It is the locals favorite, Rum. But be careful it is VERY sweet and strong.

Paúl – Ilha de Santo Antão – Cabo Verde

Tarrafal Santo Antão – The Jewel of Cabo Verde

A place for those who are looking for tranquility. Reminiscent of Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera decades ago…

Brava Island – Cabo Verde

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Sao Nicolau

En route from the domestic airport of Ribeira Brava, you will witness the dramatic scenery of Sao Nicolau’s. The narrow sheer road edges make way for deep and fertile green lush valleys, where you will find the islands capital on the mountainside. The town square in Ribeira Brava is a point of peace and tranquility. There are old colonial buildings, a catholic church, and a scenic garden center. A 10-minute walk will take you to the gorge where you will find a lush plantation of maize, banana and papaya. The area has a strong farming background, as you will quickly notice from the countless farming communities that occupy the centre of the island.
Sao Nicolau is situated in the north of the Cape Verde archipelago and is perhaps best known for its dependence on agriculture and farming. It has a volatile volcanic past, the effect of which can still be seen on the majestic peak of Monte Gordo. The volcano of Monte Gordo towers over the island of Sao Nicolau at 1304 meters above sea level, the highest point on the island.

Despite the fact that Sao Nicolau was discovered on December 6th  1461, the island did not have any inhabitants until late on in the 17th century when the costal village of Porto da Lapa began construction. However due to constant attacks from “Pirates of the Caribbean” the inhabitants of Sao Nicolau decided to move inland to take refuge in the hills. The Cape Verde islanders built a fortress in 1818 to defend themselves against future pirate attacks; they named the town Ribeira Brava. The island has not been developed by tourist resorts at present presents much traditional Cape Verde charm

Nho Santiago – Ildo Lobo

A beautiful morna sung by Ildo Lobo. Morna is a genre of Cape Verdean music. This particular song is about the Island of Santiago, and an immigrant who is filled with nostalgia and longs to return to see his family and childhood love that he left behind.

Sal Island – Cape Verde

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Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

Island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

Carnaval Sao Nicolau 2009: Estrela Azul