Boa Vista

Boa Vista

About Boa Vista

Closest to the African mainland with 55 kilometers of the archipelago’s most stunning beaches, Boa Vista is not only renowned for its stunning beaches and marine lifestyle, it also offers a quiet and low key nightlife with its local restaurants and bars.

Another must-visit place in Boa Vista is Praia da Chaves; an old ceramic factory covered in sand and is still intact with machines in situ. Boa Vista is quite literally covered in sand, having a lot of buildings buried in it, Praia de Chaves is a perfect example, exhibiting the scenery of Sahara like dunes on the island’s interior with sprouting date palms — it is a well worth visit.

Turtles can also be spotted on the island’s southern beaches. Being thought to be the third most important loggerhead nesting site in the world, turtles can be seen nesting usually during the months of June through to September.

Miles and miles of unspoilt coast line make the island a perfect place for uninterrupted walks. Boa Vista is a popular location for windsurfers and many other water sports enthusiasts along with the quad biking tourists and line & deep-sea fishing fanatics.


Among a few festivals celebrated on the island is the common music festival that takes place in Santa Cruz in August and The day of Santa Isabel, the island’s patron saint, which happens in July 4th. It is celebrated with a public ball, processions, swimming and horse racing.

Hot Tip

In addition to turtles on the beach you may catch a glimpse of whales in the islet of Sal Rei, a feeding ground for humpback whales and a magical sight if you are lucky enough to experience it. Whale sightings usually take place from December through to February but are gone by the spring.

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