Maio – Cabo Verde

If you want to completely escape on holiday , Maio is for you a flat, almost forgotten, pacific island with white deserted sandy beaches. One of the flattest islands of the archipelago with vast and scenic beaches. Due to the influence of the wind erosion, the island shows very little evidence of his volcanic past. There are excellent opportunities to walk the dunes, which is said to have therapeutic qualities. Vila do Maio, the capital, lies parallel to the longest beach in Maio and is one of the longest beaches in the Cape Verde islands.

Maio is a small town that is full of tradition and Latin flavor. The center of the town is marked by a rustic church which plays a large part the day to day life in Maio. Approximately 3 miles from Vila do Maio, lies the quaint town of Morro. Morro is a small town with only one street that is surrounded by coconut palm trees, definitely worth a visit.

Maio was discovered in 1460, the island was used for cattle breeding. The island began to become inhabited in the 16th century; the main export for Maio was salt. The island is blessed with miles of sandy beaches and stunning landscape. The island is tipped to be a hot destination for tourism over the next few years an unspoilt paradise at present.