Maio – Cabo Verde

If you want to completely escape on holiday , Maio is for you a flat, almost forgotten, pacific island with white deserted sandy beaches. One of the flattest islands of the archipelago with vast and scenic beaches. Due to the influence of the wind erosion, the island shows very little evidence of his volcanic past. There are excellent opportunities to walk the dunes, which is said to have therapeutic qualities. Vila do Maio, the capital, lies parallel to the longest beach in Maio and is one of the longest beaches in the Cape Verde islands.

Maio is a small town that is full of tradition and Latin flavor. The center of the town is marked by a rustic church which plays a large part the day to day life in Maio. Approximately 3 miles from Vila do Maio, lies the quaint town of Morro. Morro is a small town with only one street that is surrounded by coconut palm trees, definitely worth a visit.

Maio was discovered in 1460, the island was used for cattle breeding. The island began to become inhabited in the 16th century; the main export for Maio was salt. The island is blessed with miles of sandy beaches and stunning landscape. The island is tipped to be a hot destination for tourism over the next few years an unspoilt paradise at present.



Santiago is the largest island in cape verde with an surface area of 991 sq km and is the most populated area with over to half the nation’s population. It also the location of the cape vede islands capital Praia which boasts the largest urban town center in the Cape Verde islandsand has a population of 61,644. It is also the location of one of the Cape Vered islands two international airports and in the central base for the islands fishing industry.

Santiago in contrast to some of the other Cape Verde islands has a lush green landscape. It is only a 35 minute flight from the cape Verde islands. The Island of Santiago has it all, acres of lush forests, stunning beaches and an incredible opportunity for property investment.

The island of Santiago is mountainous and boasts breathtaking valleys, with beautiful natural water springs, and has two main mountain ranges. The coastline is sheer, with black reefs, with golden sand beaches and tropical vegetation. Santiago will soon become a very popular destination for tourists and property investors that are looking for somewhere that has unspoilt beaches, lush mountain ranges and a year round sunny climate.

Tarrafal is located in the northern part of the Cape Verde Island of Santiago and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is a popular surfers place.

Praia is the capital of the island of Santiago and is a popular place for many of the new development projects in the Cape Verde Islands.

San Vincenco

Sao Vicente is undoubtedly the cultural centre of the Cape Verde islands with Mindelo as the main city. It is heaven for artists, intellectuals and musicians, the late great Cesaria Evora lived on the island . Historically, the port of Mindelo was an important coaling station for trans-Atlantic steamers that re-fuelled with coal from mines in Wales. In recent times the Cape Verde islands have been used as a vital global telecommunication link from the state of the art telegraph station. Like the rest of the Cape Verde islands, Sao Vicente boasts stunning beaches and is one of the best places in the world for speed wind surfing .The islands music culture is alluring to many international talented musicians.
Sao Vicente is the most cosmopolitan island in the Verde’s and is an excellent place to enjoy the Cape Verdian music scene . The island still clearly shows the effect of it’s volcanic past; the sweeping lava fields cover the landscape. The port city of Mindelo is the capital of Sao Vicente. The island of Sao Vicente has been heavily influenced by the British and as you look around you will find astounding artifacts and memorials .Mindelo offers an excellent and exotic nightlife.
There are countless carnivals that stem from their Brazillian roots culture . Perhaps the most popular event in the island of Sao Vicente is the festival of Baia das Gatas, the festival is held over 3 nights and is a non-stop party. The festival has an excellent reputation for attracting musical talent from across the globe. Baia das Gatas also boasts a spectacular beach and a natural lagoon. As a result of previous volcanic activity, there is a naturally separated lagoon that offers one of the finest seawater pool in the world.

Mindelo is the Capital city of Sao Vicente with a large port and also attracts much of the large scale tourism on the island of Sao Vicente.

île de Fogo (Cabo Verde, Cap Vert) Pico & Sao Felipe

Fogo volcano eruption in 1995 (Cape Verde Islands)

In April 1995 a fissure eruption started at Fogo volcano on the Cape Verde island of Fogo. The center of activity was on the west side of the prominent Pico cone. The eruption caused evacuation (note shelters at the beginning) of some island residents and damage of property and crops. The film was made at a quite early stage of the eruption in April 1995. Activity ended at the end of May.


Fogo is an island of stunning  scenic contrasts.
The weathered magnificence of Ñàî Fillipe, a city with beautiful rustic squares and scenic walkways. With classical colonial houses constructed by rich farm owners, using the materials imported from Portugal and Western Africa . The extremes grow even greater as you head inland. Firstly you will travel through fertile rolling countryside then as the road steepens beside the volcanic craters. Heading Towards the breathtaking volcanic grey cone of Pico de Fogo.
Few scenes compare to that of the first sighting of the pico. The Pico de fogo is surrounded by craters that were formed during the last eruption in 1995. You can take a guided tour of the volcano and actually feel the heat emanating from the core. Incredibly, the family of an eccentric French duke still live and produce wine beside the volcano despite the volcano’s volatile history.
Fogo is full of beauty  surprises and mystery; your experience on the island o Fogo will be completely unique. There is no place quite like Fogo.


The island of Brava is the smallest greenest and wettest in the Cape Verde islands. Brava has a climate that makes it unique. The island has an almost permanent mist that covers the island, creating a cool and humid climate. The island is the greenest in the Cape Verde’s and attracts tropical explorers that are seeking flora and fauna. Visitors to the island can use the ferry from Fogo. The island is perhaps the least popular in the Cape Verde islands as the temperature is below the other islands; the temperature tends to vary from 16 and 25 degrees C. The mountainous landscape reaches a height of 976m above sea level. The capital town of Vila de Nova Sintra is situated at 500meters above sea level and boasts stunning views.
Discovered in 1462, the island was unpopulated until the late 1680’s when an eruption on the island of Fogo, named volcano de Pico forced residents to flee the island and seek refuge on Brava. The islands economy is solely based around agriculture and fishing. The island of Brava produces sugar cane, corn and potatoes as there main agricultural products and the fishing industry gives hundreds of people work as there is a plentiful supply of lobsters and other exotic fish. A paradise for fishermen. The island has strong ties to North America as many Cape verdians chose to immigrate to the USA.

Boa Vista

About Boa Vista

Closest to the African mainland with 55 kilometers of the archipelago’s most stunning beaches, Boa Vista is not only renowned for its stunning beaches and marine lifestyle, it also offers a quiet and low key nightlife with its local restaurants and bars.

Another must-visit place in Boa Vista is Praia da Chaves; an old ceramic factory covered in sand and is still intact with machines in situ. Boa Vista is quite literally covered in sand, having a lot of buildings buried in it, Praia de Chaves is a perfect example, exhibiting the scenery of Sahara like dunes on the island’s interior with sprouting date palms — it is a well worth visit.

Turtles can also be spotted on the island’s southern beaches. Being thought to be the third most important loggerhead nesting site in the world, turtles can be seen nesting usually during the months of June through to September.

Miles and miles of unspoilt coast line make the island a perfect place for uninterrupted walks. Boa Vista is a popular location for windsurfers and many other water sports enthusiasts along with the quad biking tourists and line & deep-sea fishing fanatics.


Among a few festivals celebrated on the island is the common music festival that takes place in Santa Cruz in August and The day of Santa Isabel, the island’s patron saint, which happens in July 4th. It is celebrated with a public ball, processions, swimming and horse racing.

Hot Tip

In addition to turtles on the beach you may catch a glimpse of whales in the islet of Sal Rei, a feeding ground for humpback whales and a magical sight if you are lucky enough to experience it. Whale sightings usually take place from December through to February but are gone by the spring.

CV Sal Island

Sal island is mainly a beach resort with long stretches of white sand and a great selection of water sports to enjoy  Sal is really an island for beach lovers and night time entertainment .Most of the island’s sights and attractions can be seen in a few hours. Sal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands in terms of tourism yet still has a very barren landscape. In the north of the island you will find a salt lake in an extinct volcano crater, an impressive sight. Marine life around the coast of Sal and the rest of the archipelago is high with countless species including flamboyant tropical fish, dolphins and turtles. By night,the main tourist area town offers a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants. Some beach front places to drink dine after dark.

Live music plays a huge part in Cape Verdean culture and is  most nights performed live in various bars clubs in Santa Maria  Cape verde has a strong musical culture a fusion of African Brazilian Latin Rhythm. There are a couple of clubs on Sal at present although this will increase as tourism grows further .Santa Maria is great both at night ,and during the day lazing on its beautiful stretch of beach offers good swimming conditions.

Many visitors come to Sal for the watersports. Sal’s long sandy beaches and turquoise water make a special place for water sports  enthusiasts. Sal has many locations for long walks along the coastline. Sal is considered to be amongst the world’s top five windsurfing locations with competitions held locally. Many  bright coloured sails dot about the ocean. Kite surfing, diving and deep-sea fishing are also very big on Sal. There are plenty of places to hire equipment, have lessons organise trips.

Tourism is increasing year on year with many new resorts being developed most recently in 2011 The Tortuga Beach resort operated by Melia Hotel group a stylish 5 star all inclusive resort,.The food  is of a high standard at  Melia Tortuga in my opinion better than some of Santa Maria’s finer restaurants .Spectacular sunsets  can be seen on Tortuga beach whilst sipping a cocktail weather.

Sal receives very little rainfall and if there is any rain at all, it will usually be during the ‘rainy’ season between August and October. Based on 30 year records, Sal receives an average of 33.6mm of rain in September (historically the wettest month) and 0.0mm precipitation in May (yes, 0.0!). In an entire year, rain occurs, on average, on just 10 days (compared to 33 in the Canaries and 145 in London!).

Water temperatures vary between about 20°C in the Winter and up to 27°C in the late summer.
Sal is the perfect place to unwind recharge the batteries all year round .

Music Festivals that take place on Sal:
Nossa Sra. De Piedade(Our Lady of Pity) 15th August – Mass, processions, swimming contests and music festival on beach with local musicians.
Santa Maria Festival (Municipality Day) 15th September – Music festival.
Sal Carnival

São Nicolau – The best Island in Cape Verde

São Nicolau is a must beaut island in all Cape Verde. The island hide lot of secrets and just come here to discover all. Green mountains, good climate and lot os surf spots. Contac us