San Vicente

San Vincenco

Sao Vicente is undoubtedly the cultural centre of the Cape Verde islands with Mindelo as the main city. It is heaven for artists, intellectuals and musicians, the late great Cesaria Evora lived on the island . Historically, the port of Mindelo was an important coaling station for trans-Atlantic steamers that re-fuelled with coal from mines in Wales. In recent times the Cape Verde islands have been used as a vital global telecommunication link from the state of the art telegraph station. Like the rest of the Cape Verde islands, Sao Vicente boasts stunning beaches and is one of the best places in the world for speed wind surfing .The islands music culture is alluring to many international talented musicians.
Sao Vicente is the most cosmopolitan island in the Verde’s and is an excellent place to enjoy the Cape Verdian music scene . The island still clearly shows the effect of it’s volcanic past; the sweeping lava fields cover the landscape. The port city of Mindelo is the capital of Sao Vicente. The island of Sao Vicente has been heavily influenced by the British and as you look around you will find astounding artifacts and memorials .Mindelo offers an excellent and exotic nightlife.
There are countless carnivals that stem from their Brazillian roots culture . Perhaps the most popular event in the island of Sao Vicente is the festival of Baia das Gatas, the festival is held over 3 nights and is a non-stop party. The festival has an excellent reputation for attracting musical talent from across the globe. Baia das Gatas also boasts a spectacular beach and a natural lagoon. As a result of previous volcanic activity, there is a naturally separated lagoon that offers one of the finest seawater pool in the world.

Mindelo is the Capital city of Sao Vicente with a large port and also attracts much of the large scale tourism on the island of Sao Vicente.

Holiday Cabo Verde 2009 – São Vicente and Santo Antão (HQ)

Compilation video of the highlights of the beautiful islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão in Cape Verde, including the three day musical festival on Baia das Gatas with a performance of Cesaria Evora in August 2009.


Sao Vicente – Cape Verde

Island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde