Nho Santiago – Ildo Lobo

A beautiful morna sung by Ildo Lobo. Morna is a genre of Cape Verdean music. This particular song is about the Island of Santiago, and an immigrant who is filled with nostalgia and longs to return to see his family and childhood love that he left behind.


Santiago is the largest island in cape verde with an surface area of 991 sq km and is the most populated area with over to half the nation’s population. It also the location of the cape vede islands capital Praia which boasts the largest urban town center in the Cape Verde islandsand has a population of 61,644. It is also the location of one of the Cape Vered islands two international airports and in the central base for the islands fishing industry.

Santiago in contrast to some of the other Cape Verde islands has a lush green landscape. It is only a 35 minute flight from the cape Verde islands. The Island of Santiago has it all, acres of lush forests, stunning beaches and an incredible opportunity for property investment.

The island of Santiago is mountainous and boasts breathtaking valleys, with beautiful natural water springs, and has two main mountain ranges. The coastline is sheer, with black reefs, with golden sand beaches and tropical vegetation. Santiago will soon become a very popular destination for tourists and property investors that are looking for somewhere that has unspoilt beaches, lush mountain ranges and a year round sunny climate.

Tarrafal is located in the northern part of the Cape Verde Island of Santiago and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is a popular surfers place.

Praia is the capital of the island of Santiago and is a popular place for many of the new development projects in the Cape Verde Islands.