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How A Scuba Diving Business Can Make Money

How does a scuba diving business make money?

Take this Caribbean dive operation as an example.  Divers typically spend $2,000 for a week at the resort.  16 divers at $2,000 each is $32,000 per week.  Now think how many businesses you pass on your way to work each day – the coffee shops, the dry cleaners, etc – how many of them don’t make that much money in a month?

Simon’s day starts like this…up early in the morning, checking the weather, planning the day’s dives, loading the boat…then it’s breakfast with the guests and driving the boat (the nautical equivalent of a pick-up truck).  At the dive site he’s encouraging the weaker divers and challenging the more skilled.  Back at port it’s cleaning up the boat and dinner with the guests…

And it’s seasonal work.  That’s right, when the seasons over you get to spend the time as you’d like.  Wouldn’t an active retirement that has you doing what you like to do most appeal?  Wouldn’t a retirement that depends less on your 401K be more achievable?  And doesn’t that beat your 10-days-after-two-years-maybe-vacation-lifestyle you have at work right now?












 The Dive Boat – The Pickup Truck of the Dive Business

 When you start a dive business, you need to minimize your investment in capital equipment and overhead, like boats and scuba equipment.  Spend as much money as you sensibly can on marketing to potential clients.

For example, your dive boat needs to transport clients reliably back and forth between dive sites.  It being a faster or newer model won’t necessarily increase revenue.

The dive boat is the pickup truck of boats!  It is basic, utilitarian and gets used hard every day.

As you start your dive business concentrate on creating positive cash flow – keep your costs low, while maximizing your revenue as quickly as possible.  Minimize your spending on overhead, employee costs and fixed assets (like boats).  Spend your available money on advertising, marketing and generating sales.  The quicker you can start making money the easier your life will be!



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