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Start A Christmas Light Business

Start A Christmas Light Business













Christmas Kings

I Make $50,000 Every Holiday Season by Simply Running My Own Christmas Light Installation Business!

All Of The ‘In’s And Out’s’ Are Revealed Inside An Easy To¬†Follow Step-By-Step Start-Up Kit!

In addition to the 100+ pages of solid information on how to get your Christmas Light Installation Business up and running, we have also produced an amazing video to take you by the had and teach you – step-by-step how to build your business and make it grow!

This set of 9 videos gives you every piece of information you need to know about Tools & Equipment, Marketing, Customers, Installation for C7/C9 Lights, Mini-Lights, and Icicle Lights, Customer Testimonials and Additional Useful Information.

What’s more, there’s no struggling or guesswork to making it work for you. I have already done all the hard work and made the mistakes so you don’t have to!