10.10.10 One Day on Earth – Cape Verde

Building a Community in Harmony with Nature” Integrated participatory ecosystem management programme shot documentary presentation. Cape Verde is undertaking various efforts and activities to conserve its biodiversity, land, and water resources, ranging from ongoing legislative reforms, to the proposed creation of new protected areas, basic research, and public education and awareness. These efforts may succeed, to a greater or less extent, in meeting the national interest in conserving natural resources and limiting land degradation and desertification.

Santa Maria, Sal, Cabo Verde

25 June 2011. A walk down Santa Maria’s pier on a Saturday afternoon. The island of Sal, Cape Verde, West Africa.


DVTV Diversity in Cape Verde

Follow the britains got talent winners Diversity on their journey to Cape Verde to perform at the launch of the brand new Tortuga beach resort


Cabo Verde February 2010

Sal, Cabo Verde, February 2010. Recorded by Lumix FZ38 (AVCHD Light) and Olympus 1030sw (under water), Kap Verde, Cape Verde.


Cabo Verde

Breve vídeo de imágenes donde se puede apreciar los espléndidos recursos naturales que ofrecen las islas. Música de Cesaría Évora, la cantante más famosa de Cabo Verde.


SUPaddlers and Surfers