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Sal island is mainly a beach resort with long stretches of white sand and a great selection of water sports to enjoy  Sal is really an island for...

Sal island is mainly a beach resort with long stretches of white sand and a great selection of water sports to enjoy  Sal is really an island for beach lovers and night time entertainment .Most of the island’s sights and attractions can be seen in a few hours. Sal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands in terms of tourism yet still has a very barren landscape. In the north of the island you will find a salt lake in an extinct volcano crater, an impressive sight. Marine life around the coast of Sal and the rest of the archipelago is high with countless species including flamboyant tropical fish, dolphins and turtles. By night,the main tourist area town offers a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants. Some beach front places to drink dine after dark.

Live music plays a huge part in Cape Verdean culture and is  most nights performed live in various bars clubs in Santa Maria  Cape verde has a strong musical culture a fusion of African Brazilian Latin Rhythm. There are a couple of clubs on Sal at present although this will increase as tourism grows further .Santa Maria is great both at night ,and during the day lazing on its beautiful stretch of beach offers good swimming conditions.

Many visitors come to Sal for the watersports. Sal’s long sandy beaches and turquoise water make a special place for water sports  enthusiasts. Sal has many locations for long walks along the coastline. Sal is considered to be amongst the world’s top five windsurfing locations with competitions held locally. Many  bright coloured sails dot about the ocean. Kite surfing, diving and deep-sea fishing are also very big on Sal. There are plenty of places to hire equipment, have lessons organise trips.

Tourism is increasing year on year with many new resorts being developed most recently in 2011 The Tortuga Beach resort operated by Melia Hotel group a stylish 5 star all inclusive resort,.The food  is of a high standard at  Melia Tortuga in my opinion better than some of Santa Maria’s finer restaurants .Spectacular sunsets  can be seen on Tortuga beach whilst sipping a cocktail weather.

Sal receives very little rainfall and if there is any rain at all, it will usually be during the ‘rainy’ season between August and October. Based on 30 year records, Sal receives an average of 33.6mm of rain in September (historically the wettest month) and 0.0mm precipitation in May (yes, 0.0!). In an entire year, rain occurs, on average, on just 10 days (compared to 33 in the Canaries and 145 in London!).

Water temperatures vary between about 20°C in the Winter and up to 27°C in the late summer.
Sal is the perfect place to unwind recharge the batteries all year round .

Music Festivals that take place on Sal:
Nossa Sra. De Piedade(Our Lady of Pity) 15th August – Mass, processions, swimming contests and music festival on beach with local musicians.
Santa Maria Festival (Municipality Day) 15th September – Music festival.
Sal Carnival

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