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Start A Web Design Business

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Web Design Business Startup Kit

“How To Be Your Own Boss, Work Your Own Hours, Make More Money and Setup a Highly Successful Freelancing Web Design Business.”

Finally A No Nonsense, Step by Step, Easy to Use Freelancing Startup Kit To Ensure Your New Business Venture Is a HUGE Success…

Dont get discouraged! You CAN start a successful freelancing business and feel confident that you won’t fail, by following the strategies as setout in my business kit. Read on to learn more about how I learnt the hard way when I first started my business and how I can help you avoid making the same mistakes!


“I’ve just approached a bank about getting a loan to start my business, and they declined me, because I don’t have a business plan. How do I write a web design business plan?”

“I finished a website for a client two months ago, and I haven’t heard back from anyone. I didn’t use any contracts or invoices. The whole thing was agreed to verbally and via email, now I’m out of pocket $2,600. How can I get my money?”

“I’ve got a client that needs a website, but I don’t know what I
should charge. How much do I charge? Should I charge hourly,
or for the whole thing?”

“I told a client that my hourly rate had gone up and they went somewhere else. How can I tell clients about fee increases without losing them altogether?”


 If You Really Want A Highly Successful Web Design Business, Then You Must Follow Effective Business Strategies!

I bet the majority of these freelancers are brilliant at designing sites but have no idea of how to run a profitable business – and worse still they don’t have effective business systems in place! A BIG mistake!

To me this only highlights the importance of following a foolproof system when running your own web business, to ensure that you cover absolutely everything. This way, you eliminate any potential issues ahead of time. It only makes perfect sense to do so, and this is why the web design business startup kit that I offer here will not only solve your problems, but it will prevent you from making costly mistakes and give you more confidence and in turn have you making more money!



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