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Things to Do on Holiday in Cape Verde

With splendid beaches and a wonderful climate all year round, the sun-kissed Cape Verde islands offers fine, almost snow-like sand, distinctive...

With splendid beaches and a wonderful climate all year round, the sun-kissed Cape Verde islands offers fine, almost snow-like sand, distinctive metropolitan streets and soulful music. As the little piece of Portugal drifting off the west coast of Africa remains untouched, there are a lot of fun things to do on the islands to complete your Cape Verde holidays. Whether you’re up for a volcano hiking adventure, cultural experience, turtle and whale spotting, or you just simply want to unwind, you can get them all in your Cape Verde holiday. Here are a few ideas on what to do on the islands.

If you are up for a romantic time; hike Mt Fogo- Cape Verde’s active volcano and highest summit for a dramatic and romantic date that will leave you mesmerized with Fogo’s breathtaking views. But if you are not a fan of hiking, you can set sail on an island cruise. Sign up with a tour and you’ll sail alongside the island’s coastline at an unhurried pace. Most cruisers stop at untouched beaches and at the islands’ well known splendor areas that will complement as a beautiful backdrop for your romantic escapade.

Kids and teenagers alike will revel in spending time spotting loggerhead turtles and humpback whales on Boa Vista and Sal. Book a tour to take a sight of these wonderful and endangered creatures during your Cape Verde holidays. You could also sign them up with fishing tutorials that would teach them the basics before sailing off with practiced fishermen to have them experience what it is like to go fishing in the sea.

Spend an evening in Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde and try out the national dish Cachupa, a slow-cooked stew with corn, beans, vegetables and fish while listening to traditional soulful music to top of your Cape Verde holidays.

Restaurants, beach taverns and discos can be found in Santa Maria where the island hosts to an array of nightlife parties and events. From beachside settings with a laid-back vibe and marvelous spectacles, sports bars with satellite TV, cocktail and poker lounges to contemporary nightclubs where you can party all night long.

If you are on an active lifestyle, you better try water sports on Santa Monica beach. If you are interested in kite-surfing or windsurfing, you’ll get training lessons at some hotels on the beach. They manage diving courses too, wherein you will be able to explore a lot of ruins and reefs off the coast. There, you’ll also get a glimpse of everything from dolphins and whales to octopus and colorful fishes. Big-game fishing is also a popular attraction in Cape Verde holidays.

The African market in the town square of Sal Rei will offer tourists and guests a wide array of souvenirs, like rugs, wood carvings and local artwork to remember of the experience in a Cape Verde holiday.


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